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Here at FairTech Services, we thrive on meeting the needs of our customers and staying above our technological opponents. I would like to introduce to you our newest addition, Tek a Charge Charging Stations. We currently have four styles to suit the needs of your business and customers: 


Each station offers an avenue for business advertising and guaranteed customer satisfaction.


The Power Table Charging Station is the ideal furniture piece to strike up a conversation within coffee shops, restaurants, bars, airports, etc.... It is fully customizable, able to charge seven (7) devices and is fast and durable.


The Charging Locker is comprised of six (6) & Eight (8) cells. Each of these cells has its own keyless, coded keypad for security 0000. This Locker is fully customizable and has the capacity to house up to twelve (12) devices for charging at the same time. It also allows for storage of other valuables such as wallets, keys and other small gadgets.


The Wall Mount and Table Top Charging Station is as the name suggests. It has the capability to convert from wall mounted to a tabletop station, fully customizable and maintains sleekness, charges eight (8) devices and has a secured cable system.


The Power Bank Station; Cell phone charging kiosk for mobile phones, tablets, Suitable for hotels, restaurants, massage parlors, barber shops, coffee shops, gyms, schools, tourist attractions, ball games, activities and more.

We are located in Montego Bay St. James


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