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Preventative Maintenance Program


Experienced computer technicians arrive on-site to carefully remove harmful dust and debris build-up from inside of your computer equipment. Keyboards are vacuumed, CPU cases are cleaned and vacuumed Disk/CD drives are cleaned and tested, laser printer fusers are cleaned and inspected, paper feed rollers are reconditioned and much more!!!


Clients report up to a 50% reduction in computer and printer repairs.


Equipment manufactures recommend performing preventative maintenance on equipment annually to maintain peak performance.


Cosmetic Program


Fairtech Service’s cosmetic program provides clean “HEALTHY” office equipment for employees


Fairtech Service’s technicians use specially formulated products to clean and sanitize [computer] surfaces safely. Removing ink, dust, dirt and germs from keyboards, monitors and printers.


Computer equipment looks and feels new!


Employees appreciate the benefits of working on Clean “healthy” equipment.


Equipment Serviced


PCs Desktop, Laptop, Servers, Data Centre Room, Laser Printer, Dot Matrix Printer, InkJet Printer, Receipt Printer, Cash Register, Scanner, Plotter, Fax Machine, and Smart Phones

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Key Benefits


Reduce Repairs

Save money on computer repairs. Our PM service can reduce hardware failures up to 50%.


Reduced Downtime

Improve the productivity of your employees by keeping your equipment working.


Save Your Technical Staff Time

Fewer hardware problems will free up your staff's time for other support work.


Extend Your Computer Equipment's Life.

Cleaning will make your computers and printers last longer, delaying capital replacement expenditures.


Small Investment to Gain Protection

A small investment in a preventive maintenance program will protect both your company's assets, Employees and Computers.


Budgeted Expense

Most clients use funds from existing computer repair or capital replacement budgets.


Return on Investment.

By cleaning equipment once a year, clients find that they have actually reduced their capital replacement and computer repair budgets.


Protect Your Company's Image

Dirty equipment can hurt your organization's image and may create negative perceptions by customers, visitors, and employees. Can your company afford that?


Clean Equipment Makes Sense

Your organization cleans its floors, windows, and restrooms in order to provide a clean, healthy work environment for its employees. Why not make a similar investment in a Preventive Maintenance program that benefits both employees and computers?

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