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Laptop Repair

You are probably one of the millions who rely on your PC or laptop to access the Internet. Whether you work from home, are preparing a report for school, or just use it for leisure purposes, your computer is an important tool, and not being able to use it can turn into a major inconvenience. Let FairTech help you avoid any hassles.

FairTech's knowledgeable staff possesses several years of experience and credentials. For more than 10 years, we have provided help to thousands of customers across the United States, with both mobile and online computer support services. If your laptop or PC takes a hit, we will dispatch a crew to your home or business in just a matter of hours. However, if time is a factor, consider our online service, where you can watch our crews troubleshoot your computer issues live.

We understand that your computer is important to you, whether it is for business or just leisure. That is why Geeks on Site is fully committed to helping you receive the utmost service as quickly as possible! Give us a call today so that we can help you set up your home network, or troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing. We offer reasonable pricing plans, either for one-time services or a monthly subscription.

Fairtech Services focuses on providing comprehensive Windows computer repair and Mac computer repair services without all the "geek speak".


Our convenient neighborhood locations are staffed with Certified Computer Repair Technicians that will provide you with a Computer Checkup, while you wait, or get to the root of the problem faster with our $3500 PC Physical!


Once we show you what we find, we will provide you with the best options to fix your entire system. Count on Fairtech Services to get your computer running like its old self with our award-winning comprehensive


Home Network

The Average Home Network today is as sophisticated as a business network and just as complicated.


When you need help getting your Home Network in shape…AVOID THE AGGRAVATION, CALL FAIRTECH We can help you:


Share your Internet connection

Go Wireless and Unplug your Laptop

Secure Your Network from Hackers

Share a printer

Add or Move a Computer to Your Network

Establish New Internet Service






We will meet with you and discuss your concerns and problems your home or business is facing. We will consult with you to custom design a home or business management video system suitable for your home or company, tailored to your home or business's size, industry, preferred system, and specific needs.


From start to finish, we take care of every step. Based on the consultation, we’ll craft your system, strategize placement, install it, and show you how to operate your system.


Our security camera services do not stop with installation. We can perform maintenance on nearly any existing system, whether or not we've installed it. Your security is our mission, and we're dedicated to keeping your cameras running smoothly.




Whether you rely on your tablet for work, you use it for entertainment, or you let your kid use it on road trips when your tablet isn’t working correctly, it can be extremely frustrating. That’s where we come in. At FairTech we are experienced in fixing all types of tablets, including Apple and Android devices. We understand how important your tablet is to you, and we do our best to fix it promptly and return it to you in perfect working order.


If you are looking for tablet repair services, you have come to the right place. Our technicians know tablets inside and out, and no matter what issue you are dealing with, chances are our tablet repair shop can remedy it. Our tablet repair services include:

  • Repair Tablet Screen – When your tablet screen is cracked or broken, it can be next to impossible to get anything done on it—not to mention dangerous. Luckily for you, we can repair tablet screens quickly. We keep a robust inventory of tablet screens in stock so we can repair the screen on site.

  • Tablet Software Updates – If your tablet is acting slower than normal or some of the apps won’t open, then there is a good chance your tablet is out of date. Our technicians can check your current software and make sure you are using the most up to date version for your device.

  • Syncing & Backup – Whether you want to make sure your photos stay safe if you lose your tablet, or you want to put content from your computer onto your tablet (or vice versa), we are here to help.

  • Apple Tablet Repair – Apple iPads are amongst the most popular tablets used today, and they can last an extremely long time if well cared for. If you suspect an issue with your Apple tablet, don’t take any chances and bring it to the experts. Most of our Apple tablet repair work can be done in-store the same day you bring it in. We also offer Android tablet repair.

  • Replace Connectors and Ports – Overtime, the dock connectors, and charging ports in a tablet can bend or get damaged. Our technicians can replace these parts so your tablet can function like new.

No matter what type of tablet you have, you can depend on the tablet repair services at FairTech to fix your tablet in record time.



Lost your pictures?

Can't find your MP3 files?

Fire, Flood or Other Catastrophes?

Need Data Recovery?


Fairtech is the CURE!


We can recover your lost data from your computer, Smart Phone & memory cards. When It Comes To Data Recovery, If Fairtech Can't Get It, NO ONE CAN!


We can perform data recovery from virtually any type of media or situation including:


Crashed Hard Drive Recovery

Accidental Deletion Recovery

Accidental Formatting Recovery

Failed RAID Server Recovery

Failed External Storage Device Recovery

Flash Drive & Camera Card Recovery


antivirus logo.

Nothing can disable a computer quicker than a virus or spyware, and it can come without you even realizing it. You click a link or make what you think is a harmless download, and next thing you know, your computer becomes inundated with pop-up ads, or you find yourself redirected to another site.

Those are just the minimal effects of spyware. More severe malware attacks can result in a compromise of your personal information – for example, your bank account, credit card, or TRN. Or even worse, it could cause your hard drive to crash. In any event, you could end up having to spend hundreds, if not thousands, to get your life back in order.

Those are all worst-case scenarios, but still, things to consider. If you find yourself at the mercy of a virus, count on FairTech to come to the rescue! We will remove any viruses or malware infesting your system, and help you keep your home or office computer(s) safe from any future attacks. In addition, our certified professionals can come to your home and help set up anti-virus software that acts as a barrier to any outside attacks. They also offer various tips that can help you keep yourself from becoming a victim of any attacks or scams.

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